Table for Two

Plate view.jpg

                                    The Story 

Today the world feels different … It feels like time has stopped in some ways when in reality the moment we cherish and love are passing us by everyday. 

As I was thinking about an occasion that was important to us, I was jostling around ideas on how to celebrate and make this moment extra special… someway to celebrate that evening before its fades away in time, so when we look at this moment years from now it would bring those smiles back....


Table for two  is created with that in mind… It creates an experience to take you away from the daily hustles of life and go to a place where you can spend that moment that means most to us, safely, with the ones you love, without leaving your house, with an elevated atmosphere that will give you the space to cherish forever !!


                           The Elements

I took the time to search for every special element, colors and design; every detail was analyzed, compared and defined. 


Different pallet of colors, textures, styles and options are created for you to select:

- Vintage

Romantic and warm, on the shades of pink, gold and grey

- Rustic

Natural, rough, aged, and casual, on the shades of green, brown, gold

- Modern

Featuring bold lines and primary hues. It also embraced lots of symmetry and a sense of balanced comfort, on the shades of white, silver and grey.

                                 The Process

To further enhance the experience you will be able to choose between three different options:

- Design table (with all the components)

- Design Table & Backdrop

- Design Table & Canopy

While the designs come with silk flowers, natural flowers and bouquets are also available.

Just choose which date you want your celebration to be, the style you desire; and we will be there to set up everything for you !

I am so excited for you to enjoy this beautiful moment of your life, together, with the ones you love.